Dry vs Steam


Evergreen Natural

Steam Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning Hot water extraction
*Biodegradable ingredients High PH solution
*Neutral PH solution Chemicals, soaps & surfactants.
*Safe non toxic Encourages resoiling
*Resists soiling High water quantity
*Quick drying time High pressure applied
*Organic compound sprinkled Long drying time

Wicking Effect

Many carpet cleaning companies market as “steam cleaning” while no steam is involved. You may see some water vapor but water temps are far below what would be classified as steam. The use of soaps also can leave behind a sticky residue which acts as an attractant for dirt and stains. HWE; Hot water extraction while cleaning the surface also forces soil deeper into the base of the carpet. After the dry out period; hours or days, many spots and traffic areas appear soiled again. This is called wicking. Evergreen Natural Carpet Cleaning system using the encapsulation rinse and micro sponge compound attaches to stains and dirt so our brushes can remove them from the carpet. Safe, Minimal inconvenience, no sticky residue, dry in an hour or less = a happy customer.x`x