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Why is the Evergreen Natural cleaning method superior? Problems such as: – Split seams, Faded colors, Shrinkage, Delaminating, Mildew Caused by overwetting carpets will never occur with Evergreen Natural’s cleaning method. Carpets won’t get dinghy or dull. Evergreen Natural cleans all of today’s carpets successfully. Nylon, olefin, wool, polyester, acrylic, glue-down, carpet tiles, etc. Evergreen Natural’s cleaning system does not contribute toward health problems caused by allergens and mold. In fact, research has shown that cleaning carpets regularly with Evergreen Natural can improve the indoor air quality in homes and businesses. Disclaimer: It is our commitment to render careful, thorough, professional cleaning service, using reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results. In most cases, stain removal is achieved. Because of the nature of certain stains, it is not possible to guarantee total color/texture restoration. Factors of installation and/or deterioration that are disguised cannot be predicted in the hands of even the most careful carpet cleaning technician.